Thursday, 7 September 2017

Finn speech

Why do bad things happen to good people? How do they happen? What happens?
Why does bad people get good things? Why is life so unfair?

I know something bad has happened to you, a very common thing to do is step in dog poop for example when your backyard cricket and you do a massive shot and you run, splat you step (look down)  in dog poop. And you run inside to get it off and your mum yells “why is there dog poop in the carpet FINN your band from your iPad for a week.”
You protest about how unfair and it's not your fault, but your mum stays firm.

Then 10 minutes later you finally get it off and crunch you look down and it's a hornet nest, buzzzzz you sprint like lightning!! Ahh get off (arms flap trying to get it off). I've only been outside for 2 minutes. TODAY CAN'T GET ANY WORSE, CAN IT?

Two hours later at the mall, you put money into the vending machine. I can not wait, for  MY CHIPS. There are your chips and there almost there almost there they are so close. You can feel the chips almost tasting on you younger. Then it doesn't fall off. You furiously shake the machine, the only thing going through your mind is I MUST GET THE CHIPS. You shake it and shake it. Then comes the annoying voice, the voice of doom. The voice of disappointment. That's 2.50 of my pocket money! You step away from the machine and run as you feel your heart pounding. Security guards are calling “STOP” you run into the nearest shop. Safety.

Why does this happen to good people. Like teachers, parents and my friends. Let's just hope this doesn't happen in a long time to anyone. I still wonder why does bad things happen to good people?

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