Monday, 3 July 2017

Science journals 1&2

Week 1 slime:
Term two is science term. Week 1 we made slime with water, cornflour and food colouring. It was slimy gooey and hard. We made it to slime Mr Anderson on the head. I think my writing is multistructural because I can mix the ingredients to make the slime, I can find out what went wrong. For example we made two slimes and one was to runny and one was to hard so we mixed them. I also know about gravitational force.

Week 2 Rocket Balloon:

In week 2 we made a rocket balloon with straws, a balloon and wool . It went well because the air pushed the balloon across the string. The point in this was learning about different forces. We also did it with no straw and instead we used paper instead of a straw. It didn't work because the straw was smooth and the paper wasn't. I think I am multistructural because I can identify why it didn’t  go across the string, I can identify why it does go across the string with a straw and I can inference what went wrong.