Monday, 19 September 2016

How to help the homeless

This term my class were writing our speeches my speech was based on how to help the homeless. I was learning to connect ideas by making it flow and use language divides . I can use parts of the structure but lacks balance and flow and many ideas connected to the point of view I can use many language device to persuade and connect with the audience.  It went well because I re read it and fixed things that didn't make sense and in my speech I used rhetorical question, repetition, simple sentences tension and imperatives. For example I said “picture this” which is imperative. Think the presentation of my speech went well because I saw people were listening.

Please click here to listen to my speech, or read it below. 

Do you notice the poor within your community? Maybe they have really old clothes, or perhaps, they have torn shoes. Or you might even see them sitting on the side of the road. To stop poverty we need to give more food to the poor. The reason we give food to the poor and not money is because they might spend it on alcohol and junk food so if we give them good food they might get in the habit and get more healthy. When they get more healthy they will feel better and might be able to get a job. 

Picture this. You're walking down the street and you see someone with a sign saying please give me money. He has nothing. No job, no money, not even a piece of Warm clothing on his back. Some people are so rich they are happy to use wood and light their money on fire. Imagine if that was you on the street? How would you feel? sad. Embarrassed. Lonely. I know I would! 

Poor people can't buy books, pens, school clothes, lunch, shoes, bags, this means they can't go to school. Therefore they won't be educated so they might not be able to work. This means they don't get money so they can't buy food or water. If they don't go to school then they won't be able learn and they will be thick .It's A non stop cycle!

 If you have a top that you have loved for as long as you have had it and you have grown out of it what do you do? I've got some ideas for you. Do you throw it away? Do you leave it waiting in cupboard? Well here's a better idea. Give it to a charity, or even put it in a clothing bin. Or maybe when you're walking down the street and you see a homeless person with no warm clothes on give them some clothes. Think back to all the times you threw away your clothes simply because you didn't like them any more. Was there something better you could of done with your old clothes?  Have a think about this next time you're about throw away some of your clothes. 

All we need to do is give a little donation then they will be able to go to school then they will be educated and they have more of a chance to get a job another thing we can do to help is donate clothes. If everyone does these thing then homeless will feel happier because they will have money. food and clothes then they will be able to live a happy life like all of us 

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