Thursday, 14 April 2016

Multimedia artwork


This term I have been learning to create a soundscape to match my poem.
Mine was about the beach. It is a relaxing song because I used a guitar.

My music is relational because I used many musical elements in my soundscape and I know why I used them. For example, I used shakers for the waves crashing down and I  used a guitar to make it sound relaxing.

Overall I think I'm proud of my soundscape because I used a simple beat which made it sound good and some cool rhythms. 

Listen to my soundscape here


Where the ocean showers the beach 
with the soapy shampoo
When it  leaves every wave behind.

Where the waves slap the ocean floor 
many many times
collapsing sand onto the wholes. 

Where the seagulls squawk 
to the other seagulls
saying "Hey that's my fish! Get away."


I am learning to use many sentences using personification 
I am going well because I wrote 3 sentences using personification for example When the ocean showers the beach with the soapy shampoo when it washes up on the beach.    
My next step is to make my personification connect well with the object.

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  1. Great writing Finn - I feel like I'm back in Kaikoura when I read this.