Monday, 14 March 2016

The dark house

Dead trees sway.
They don't get looked after.

The dark house scares people. 
It's an enemy.

The darkness of the background  

is cheerless. 

Rusty stairs try 
to stay strong.

The dark sky is about to rain, 
It doesn't want me here.

The feeling is gloomy and
It dampens you.

Who are the people behind the masks?
Who was the the person who took the boy away?
Who was the person who turned out the light?


In this poem I have been learning to use similes and metaphors. This poem is currently relational because I can write similes or metaphors and they create the image I want. My next step is to write similes or metaphors that connect more easily to create the feeling I want.


  1. Love your work Finn. Well done 😊

  2. This had me hooked to the last page, I can not believe you actually had me shaking with fear!